Living life your way with SMA My Way

By Flora, Martyn, Pia, Karli and Toby

Want to learn and share top tricks and tips for living with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)? Look no further than SMA My Way!

It’s not always easy to find life hacks or experiences from others living with SMA, let alone share your own. So together, as SMA champions, we’ve created SMA My Way ; a new community-focused initiative, supported by Roche. SMA My Way highlights the lived experiences of people with SMA around the world to create a collaborative online community across social media. Whether you’re an adult, a teenager or a young person with SMA, a parent, a caregiver or you simply know someone living with the condition, SMA My Way is here to provide you with the wisdom of others who live SMA THEIR way!

Get involved by sharing your favourite life hack using #SMAMyWay – this can be an image, a sentence or even a video.

From how to talk about SMA to a colleague at work, to mastering your make-up before a night out, through to helping your child stay on track with their physio routine, SMA My Way allows you to share common experiences with the SMA community and see their unique approaches to achieving life goals and celebrating individuality.

Visit SMA My Way to see some tips on how to create a great life hack video and share with the world how you live with SMA your way! #SMAMyWay

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