Exploring The Hidden Symptoms of MS

MS affects 2.3 million people globally* and many of the symptoms experienced are not visible to others around them. These hidden symptoms can often be misunderstood or under-acknowledged by people who don’t have MS or know what it’s like to live with this chronic condition.

Hidden short film

In 2018, Shift.ms , a UK-based social network for people with MS, created ‘’Hidden’’: an emotive, artistic and visceral portrayal of the invisible symptoms of MS, using both realistic performances from actors and visual effects.

By raising awareness of the unseen symptoms, and encouraging the community to discuss the true impact of life with MS, Shift.ms, with the support of Roche, hope to bring the MS community closer together.

Watch the full film on Shift.ms’s YouTube channel here.

Shift.ms members discuss their reaction to Hidden

Check out reactions to the Hidden film from Alex, Paula, Katherine and Rachel.

* Multiple Sclerosis International Federation. Atlas of MS 2013: mapping multiple sclerosis around the world. Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, 2013.http://www.msif.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Atlas-of-MS.pdf. (Accessed July 2018)

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