Digital Health Solutions

We are transforming healthcare with innovation and collaboration. Using an evidence-based approach, our insights-driven digital health solutions aim to help clinicians improve patient care.

Patient care is fundamentally changing – at an increasingly rapid pace.

The impact of data and digital technologies is growing, bringing opportunities that are improving healthcare today. But we can do much more. More for patients. More for healthcare providers. More for health authorities.


Digital health including digital diagnostic solutions can empower people to better manage their health. They allow healthcare providers to confidently diagnose and treat disease. And they help healthcare institutions to unlock greater efficiency.

We build these digital solutions by harnessing digital health insights and stepping up collaboration. Through this, we can help close inequality gaps and improve the health of each individual through timely individualised decisions.

This is not only about data, but creating better outcomes for all.

Imagine a day when we can draw insights from complex health data that individuals generate throughout their lives to:

Changing how we use health data is vital. But first, we must change how we think and operate.

Innovators from across the healthcare sector have the tools, the know-how and the collaborative spirit needed to drive a profound shift in the health systems.

Enabling personalised decision-making in healthcare

With our rich heritage in healthcare innovation and care reinvention, we leverage diagnostic data to inform decisions and improve efficiencies.

Equipped with new technologies and backed by investment in infrastructure, we are applying our experience, expertise and creativity to the digital space. We are building on trusted relationships with organisations - large and small, from point of care to laboratory diagnostics, hospitals and the home.

By ‘finding the signal in the noise’ in big data, we can bring healthcare to those who need it ‒ everyone.

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Digital Health Solutions

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