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Personalised healthcare is accelerating into a new phase, expanding from treatments targeted to individuals based on companion diagnostics to a more complex, holistic view of patient health generated from a wide variety of data sources. The data streaming in from lifestyle sensors, electronic records, genomic data, physicians, and patients themselves have the potential to inform better decision-making throughout the healthcare system and result in better patient care. But this ecosystem of data requires a high level of coordination, standardization, and analysis to be useful—all of which will rely on collaboration with technology partners.

Collaborations are critical to realise the potential of personalised healthcare as well as to enhance our pipeline in key disease areas. We have entered exceptional alliances across our therapeutic, diagnostic and technological areas, helping us better understand and leverage complex biology, find new drug candidates, and make best use of a growing volume of genomic and real-world data.

Partnering at Roche builds on our culture, one in which we listen carefully to a potential partner and then creatively structure a collaboration that meets both parties’ needs. Our choice is driven by the search for partners that share our passion for innovative science. We look for first-in-class or best-in-class opportunities that address unmet medical need and have the potential to revolutionise the standard of care. We also keep our fingers on the pulse of emerging science through global alliances with leading academic and entrepreneurial investigators to develop new molecules, invent new research tools and further advance our understanding of disease mechanisms. Whether small or large, we value partnerships equally. Together, we are building a better future with our partners to find medicines that make a real difference to patients.

Here are two examples of partnerships in personalised healthcare (PHC) which we believe create value by advancing cancer treatment and care.

One recent example of how Roche collaborates to improve PHC is the agreement with Syapse, a key player in Healthcare IT, based in San Francisco. Syapse software integrates previously fragmented clinical, molecular, treatment, and health outcomes data and delivers it to physicians at the point of care so they can make the most informed decisions.

Syapse and Roche will work jointly to develop new software and analytics solutions that empower healthcare providers with the tools and insights they need to practice precision medicine at scale. By combining Syapse software with Roche’s oncology expertise, this collaboration will make precision medicine a reality for cancer patients and their healthcare providers.

Another example of such a future-oriented collaboration is the agreement signed between Roche and GNS Healthcare, in June 2017. Roche is using the GNS technology REFS in a pilot setting to analyze large volumes of proprietary data, such as electronic medical records and next-generation sequencing data. The hope is to be able to unravel the hidden drivers of cancer progression and drug response in some of the most challenging cancers, such as CD20-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. The collaboration is aimed at generating unique insights from a growing volume of genomic and real-world data, which should help inform the development of personalised next-generation cancer treatments.

We are always looking for new strategic partnerships. If you have an idea, we would like to hear from you.

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