The imCORE Network: Experts collaborating to fight cancer

The immunotherapy Centers of Research Excellence (imCORE) Network unites experts from across the globe committed to advancing and accelerating cancer immunotherapy research and development to transform cancer treatment for patients.

Cancer immunotherapy (CIT) aims to harness the power of the immune system to fight cancer. When successful we see increasingly better outcomes and a positiveof patients and their families. Currently, only aboutof patients respond to cancer immunotherapy and of those some will relapse.

By bringing together experts and encouraging true partnerships we are helping to solve cancer immunotherapy challenges to extend and improve the benefits to more patients.

The imCORE Network brings together both clinical and basic scientific experts from 26 leading cancer research institutions worldwide alongside Roche, in an open environment to collaborate on research, share information, expertise and technologies. Roche is funding over 90 studies and works to accelerate the delivery of clinical trials.

Hear from imCORE members about how working as true partners is realizing the imCORE vision

By combining the strengths of academic and industry partners we are able to accomplish more than can be achieved independently. Through the sharing of ideas, data, cutting-edge technologies and medicines, we co-create research projects with the goal to accelerate bringing improved personalised treatment to cancer patients. 

Standardising and sharing biomarker data across the network is a powerful tool to advance oncology research and move towards more personalised therapies. Making sense of big biomarker datasets originating from multiple studies is significantly easier and faster when standardised methods are used for sample analysis and data generation. imCORE is building a data repository that ensures accessibility of such valuable datasets across the network in order to advance research and deliver on the vision of imCORE for patients.

imCORE has already achieved significant breakthroughs with research addressing key questions in cancer immunotherapy being regularly published in top ranking journals and presented at conferences to ensure the findings are used by the wider community to build on existing knowledge. imCORE-generated research to date has published 14 manuscripts and over 28 oral and poster presentations. Examples of recent publications in well-respected journals includeand  

Together these studies inform many to aid in the quest for improved impact of cancer immunotherapies for patients

For imCORE as we look to the future, our strong foundation of true academic-industry partnerships alongside advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence will rapidly advance CIT research, ultimately benefiting more patients. 

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