Innovation is at the core of Roche’s 125-year history.

At this year’s Annual General Meeting, Christoph Franz, Chairman of the Board, and André Hoffmann, Vice-Chairman and a member of the founding families of Roche, reflect on the importance of innovation to the success and future of Roche, and the many accomplishments of the Roche community in spite of the continued COVID-19 pandemic and the heartbreaking invasion of the Ukraine.

“Improving people’s lives by delivering medical innovations – that is what Roche has been about for 125 years now”, said Christoph. “We will continue to pursue this aim for the next 125 years. How do we want to approach this? For Roche, the future lies in personalised healthcare. Advancing digitalisation plays a key role here.”

Yet what exactly does that mean? In the video above, hear directly from Christoph and André, and learn about some of their highlights from last year, including the inspiring story of Mary, a mother of two young girls, her battle against cancer, and how digital advances continue to support her in this endeavor.

Mary’s story is a testament to the potential of digitalisation in healthcare and to how personalised healthcare is more than just a dream of the future. It is already here.

To find out more about our 2022 Annual General Meeting, in which all proposals by the Board of Directors were approved,

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