My own journey to embrace who I truly am

Any journey of understanding one’s identity can often be a path filled with many obstacles and turning points. For Julie, recognising their non-binary identity in the heart of the Midwest United States was a significant milestone. It's a road they are still walking, a journey of growth, self-love and acceptance. And it's a journey that has led them to a new understanding of the world and their place in it.

When I learned about the concept of non-binary as a gender identity, it really helped me feel a sense of relief, validation, and a new sense of belonging.

When you come out as non-binary, you're not just sharing a personal truth; you're also inviting those around you into a conversation about diversity and acceptance. My family, my friends, and even my colleagues, became part of my journey, and their reactions varied greatly.

Support Along the Way

There are a few critical moments of support that I received that really stand out for me. The first was when I discovered the LGBTQIA+ community.  The community gave me a space where I felt seen and less alone, where there were others who understood my experiences.

The second was when I shared my identity with my colleagues at Roche. To my surprise, they accepted me wholeheartedly. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion meant that I could be my true self in my professional life, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

The third was seeing other non-binary individuals use their platforms for change. Their courage and resilience gave me the strength to step into my truth more fully, to share my own story, and to use my voice for change.

The Importance of Allies

Becoming part of the Roche community has also helped me understand the power of allies. As I saw colleagues at Roche beginning to share their pronouns, it was clear that this was more than just an individual act. It was about setting a precedent for respect and understanding across our organisation. It's this kind of action that fosters a genuinely inclusive workplace, and I'm proud to see such changes at Roche.

Despite the progress we've made, I'm aware that there are still places and people, including some colleagues at Roche, who don’t feel safe to express their true identities. This reinforces the critical role of organisations like Roche in creating safe and inclusive environments.

Such organisations can set the tone for diversity and inclusion by educating employees about diverse identities, taking a stand against discrimination, and providing safe channels for employees to voice their concerns.

A Future of Inclusion

Achieving a future where all identities, including non-binary and other LGBTQIA+ identities, are fully acknowledged and respected is a long journey. But each of us, through understanding, support, and allyship, can contribute to this vision. By working together, we can accelerate our journey towards a world that embraces all forms of diversity and fosters an environment of true acceptance.

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