Daring to address challenges in Women’s health, a podcast series focussed on asking and answering the important questions.

Voices for Women’s Health

Daring to address challenges in Women’s health

Published on 21 May 2021

Our healthcare systems are failing women - it’s time to put women in the spotlight.

Health systems around the world—no matter how advanced—are failing women. Inequalities, such as level of education, income, ethnicity, availability of and access to health systems, as well as poor alignment across health systems often leave women unable to receive the care they need. COVID-19 has highlighted the disparity and it is time to set a new, fundamentally reconsidered agenda that will provide better patient outcomes for our mothers, daughters and sisters.

But, how can we achieve this? Hard questions have to be addressed and answered. What does good look like? Why are women not receiving the same care-levels as men? How do we make meaningful lasting change? How can we empower women to take their own healthcare decisions?

With issues of this magnitude, the beginning of the solution will be found in listening. We are engaging with some remarkable woman to start the discussion on these hard questions. With our ‘Voices for Women’s Health: Daring to address challenges in Women’s Health’ podcast series we look forward to learning, considering and forming opinions on how to improve healthcare for women.

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Episode 1

Daring to address challenges in Women's Health

Interview with Dr Lydia Dsane-Selby: Daring to address challenges in women’s health

Dr Dsane-Selby has helped millions of people access previously unaffordable healthcare in Ghana. She believes that women are central to their families’ health and to business.

Listen now as Teresa Graham talks to Dr Dsane-Selby about women’s health and the changes that she believes are needed from industry and policymakers to fundamentally improve treatment outcomes for women in Ghana and beyond.

Nobody should have to pay for care at the time when they are most vulnerable.
Dr Lydia Dsane-Selby CEO of Ghana’s National Health Insurance Authority


Episode 2

Women-Centric Healthcare

Interview with Dr Stacey Rosen: Women-Centric Healthcare

In this episode, we talk to Dr Stacey Rosen, Senior Vice President, Women's Health at the Katz Institute for Women’s Health, Northwell Health which focuses on the elimination of health care disparities through comprehensive clinical programs, gender-based research, community partnerships and education.

Listen now, as Teresa Graham, Head at Global Product Strategy, Roche Pharmaceuticals talks to Dr Rosen about the lack of representation of women in health research and the implications it has on society.

Dr Rosen also shares her thoughts and plans on empowering the female patient to be a better advocate for herself.

I found myself in a field that everyone thought was a man's disease. Yet we saw more women dying every year than men
Dr Stacey Rosen Senior Vice President, Women's Health, Katz Institute for Women’s Health, Northwell Health

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