World Cancer Day: The global fight against cancer

The planet feels a lot smaller on World Cancer Day. Individuals and organisations around the world come together with the shared goal of ending cancer.

We have been a proud supporter of World Cancer Day (WCD) for many years, working alongside the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and their partners to reduce the global burden of cancer and improve the lives of patients.

Defeating cancer requires global collaboration. As the world leader in oncology we are proud to join forces with the UICC and other key partners on World Cancer Day to tackle this challenge and ensure access to our innovative medicines and diagnostics.
Severin Schwan, CEO, Roche
It is not enough to just develop a great medicine. I am a Pharma leader and I commit to supporting the development of sustainable healthcare solutions that ensure patients all around get access to innovation faster than ever before.
Jörg Rupp, Director Roche Pharma International

With more than 14 million people diagnosed with cancer each year, conquering this disease requires worldwide cooperation. No single researcher, charity or government can do it alone.

For our part, leveraging our technological excellence and in-depth knowledge of cancer biology, we use cutting-edge science in areas such as clinical research, diagnostics, genomic profiling and sophisticated analytics to personalise treatment. Understanding a patient’s unique cancer means we can target it ever more effectively.

WCD is however, primarily about people. There are inspiring actions, big or small, that can make a difference. Everyone can help prevent cancer by becoming informed and making healthy lifestyle choices. We can support those struck by cancer by showing we care, listening to their stories and helping them get back to work.

Roche stands united with the UICC, patients, physicians, advocacy organisations, research institutions and the wider global cancer community in the fight against cancer. As part of this community, we are committed to making the end of cancer a reality.

World Cancer Day represents the global force and efforts to reduce the burden of cancer for future generations. As a longstanding and committed partner of UICC, we are delighted that Roche is once again joining us to raise awareness, drive action and inspire change that will increase our ability to address this deadly disease.
Dr Cary Adams, CEO, UICC

Below is a selection of articles demonstrating how we implement the ideals of WCD – not only on the day itself, but also throughout the rest of the year:

Explore how we implement the ideals of WCD

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