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“Munich plays a significant role in the European biotech boom. The high-class cluster has presented extraordinary results so far and we are looking forward to future developments.”
Hubert Aiwanger Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy
510 life science and biotech companies
2 universities
4 renowned research centres
> 60 hospitals
“There have been around 40 new start-ups in this region over the past five years alone, with personalised medicine and immunotherapy the breakthrough areas driving this.”
Prof Dr. Horst Domdey CEO & Managing Director BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH
“With our mobile solution for inventory and sample tracking we help researchers to digitalize their workflows, increase their efficiency in the lab, and make experiments more reproducible.”
Dr. Claudio Rolli Founder & CEO of FLUICS GmbH, Munich
“Munich was a natural choice for the Startup Creasphere program and as the European hub for Plug and Play, LLc. Health activities. With the existing innovation infrastructure of top tier universities, research institutes and startups as well as the large corporate presence across industry, Munich has all of the ingredients for us to grow the best Health innovation platform worldwide.”
Julia Belaya Director – Health, Plug and Play
“As a startup company, we greatly benefit from networks like the Creasphere accelerator. The collaboration with Roche vastly accelerated the introduction of our automated disease management platform to the European market. Together we are transforming the care experience for patients and their care teams.”
Dr. Nora Zetsche Co-Founder of Veta Health, part of the Creasphere startup accelerator in Munich
“New technologies like next-generation sequencing and big data analytics open up a whole new world of possibilities. All these new insights will boost our research on tomorrow’s therapies.”
Dr. Severin Schwan CEO Roche

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“Nestled between lakes and mountains yet close to the city, Penzberg is a magical place. It is the only Roche site in the world where the full process happens for both pharma and diagnostics – from the early science to the finished product for patients.”
Dr. Ulrich Opitz Site Manager at Roche in Penzberg
1400 million euros invested in the Penzberg biotech centre between 2014 and 2018
> 250 joint research projects between Pharma and Diagnostics
> 70 years of experience in biotechnology
6200 employees (biggest employer in the region)
57 nationalities on-site
434000 m2 total size of the site
“Data is the digital treasure of medical progress. We analyze huge amounts of data with the help of artificial intelligence. This enables us to better understand patients and gain insights for the development and optimization of pharmaceutical products. The targeted and intelligent use of available data is the key to personalized medicine!”
Dr. Anna Bauer-Mehren Head of Data Science, Roche Penzberg
“With more than 12 billion patient data generated year in, year out by our diagnostic tests, data analysis with our new system has never been more important in helping healthcare professionals make better decisions.”
Dr. Joachim Eberle Global Head of R&D Centralised and Point of Care Solutions, at Roche in Penzberg
Just 50 km south of the world cultural city of Munich, Penzberg has had industry at its heart for centuries.

A lasting commitment

The town’s rich natural resources saw surface coal mining begin as far back as the 16th century although it was only in 1800 that it became fully industrialised, with the boom lasting until the mine was closed for good in 1966.

Just six years later, in 1972, the biotech history in Penzberg began, with the building of what has now become one of the largest biotech centres in Europe on the site of the old mine. Since then, the small town in the alpine uplands of Upper Bavaria has grown to become Germany’s “cradle” of industrial biotechnology.

The Roche site is the largest employer in the region, with around 6,200 people from more than 55 countries creating a collaborative culture to encourage true creativity.

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