CONFIRM anti-CD4 (SP35) Rabbit Monoclonal Primary Antibody

CONFIRM anti-CD4 (SP35) membranous staining of lymphoma

CONFIRM anti-CD4 (SP35) is intended for the qualitative detection of CD4 in sections of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded normal and neoplastic human tissues. CD4 is present on helper-inducer T lymphocytes that recognize antigen in the context of MHC class 2 molecules. CD4 positive staining results may aid in identifying T-cell lymphomas and in identifying the T helper-inducer cell subset of T lymphocytes in normal tissues. The clinical interpretation of any staining, or the absence of staining, must be complemented by morphological studies and evaluation of proper controls. Evaluation must be made by a qualified pathologist within the context of the patient’s clinical history and other diagnostic tests.