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Roche is at the forefront when it comes to collaboration with biotechs at all development stages to drive the application of technology and modality platforms that have the potential to transform discovery as well as generate innovative medicines beyond the standard of care.


Partnering opportunities we are looking for:

  • Novel modalities and enabling technologies (e.g., Genomic Medicines, Degraders, Discovery platforms)
  • Targeted or intracellular delivery
  • Artificial intelligence for drug discovery

Example partnerships

Skyhawk – research collaboration to discover and develop small molecule RNA splicing modifiers for oncology and neurodegenerative diseases

Heptares – research collaboration to discover and develop novel medicines that modulate G-protein-coupled receptor targets across a range of diseases

Your dedicated partnering leads in Research Technologies

Barbara Lueckel

Barbara Lueckel Head of Research Technologies, Pharma Partnering

Tapan Maniar

Mark Schiebler Search & Evaluation Lead Research Technologies, Pharma Partnering partnering

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