Innovative technologies

Roche is at the forefront when it comes to collaborations with startups and biotechnology companies to drive the application of technology platforms that have the potential to transform discovery as well as generate innovative medicines beyond the standard of care.

We are looking for partnerships to augment our R&D capabilities and enhance our portfolio, in particular related to the following modalities:

Small molecules

  • novel chemical matter/chemotypes, including natural product-derived and macrocyclic scaffolds
  • approaches enabling the druggability of protein-protein interaction targets
  • new chemical-biology approaches
  • platforms to accelerate the lead identification phase
  • technologies enabling screening against ion channel targets with higher predictability than binding and faster throughput than electrophysiology
  • innovative technologies combining generation of compounds and screening in a single workflow
  • linker technologies (excluding for cytotoxic ADCs)
  • technologies for functionalisation of small molecules/peptides (eg fluorination, oxidation, and C-H bond activation) during the late steps of the synthesis route


  • screening:
    • single-cell functional screening platform for lead identification of antibodies
    • screening in final format: technologies enabling screening of complex mAbs in a format already suitable for therapeutic applications (including multispecific formats)
    • challenging antigens: technologies to generate challenging antigens as a basis for antibody screening, including screening for agonistic mode of action
  • improved B cell cloning and immortalisation technologies enabling broader coverage of the generated antibody pool compared to established technologies
  • technologies impacting the in vivo biodistribution and/or circulation of antibodies
  • automation technologies: systems for increasing the throughput in mAb generation and screening, cell line development and selection as well as process optimisation
  • methods enabling difficult-to-express proteins and methods for induction of eukaryotic (preferably CHO) expression
  • downstream processing: specific resin materials or technologies allowing the separation of antibodies with modified or missing Fc.
  • new methods of continuous processing

Targeted therapeutics

  • conjugation ligands for cell type-specific delivery of oligonucleotides and LNAs (ideally, non-oligomeric in nature and with proven cellular binding and internalisation)
  • site-specific activation technologies to target particular disease tissues and cell types
  • cell-type specific targets on diseased cells and/or in disease tissues (e.g. tumour- specific antigens)
  • technologies to understand and influence intracellular trafficking
  • cleavable linker technologies for targeted conjugates (cleavability inside cells)

Oligonucleotide-based therapeutics

  • novel nucleotide analogues, or use of known nucleotides and oligonucleotides in novel ways in RNA therapeutics
  • new RNA functionalities/structures with therapeutic potential
  • technologies for sequencing of non-natural nucleotides

Drug delivery

  • sustained ocular delivery (depot or half-life extension technologies)

We are also open to evaluating novel modalities.

His team focuses on lead identification and he explains how biologic drugs, or therapeutic proteins, are developed and what research technologies are used.

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