Personalised Healthcare

Our expanding knowledge and understanding of disease mechanisms combined with our molecular biology and technology expertise began a revolution in how we prevent, diagnose and treat diseases: personalised healthcare. This evolving understanding of disease is making it possible to create targeted medicines for groups of people with the same diseases drivers, making a difference in the lives of many people with serious illnesses.

At Roche, we are taking personalised healthcare toward a future where treatments are targeted to an individual’s needs and unique genetic profile. Our Personalised Healthcare partnering strategy is built around identifying strategic partners with whom we can pursue this vision.

Our areas of focus include forming collaborations to:

  • Develop robust clinico-genomic and imaging datasets
  • Draw unique insights from the data that will enhance discovery, development and targeting of medicines through machine learning and other advanced analytic techniques
  • Enhance clinical trial execution and the treatment of patients through the development of digital and mobile technologies

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Gregg S Talbert, PhD Global Head of Digital and Personalised Healthcare Partnering partnering

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