Workflow automation, data analytics and decision support


New information technologies are changing the world, impacting many areas of our daily life. Solutions for data extraction, integration, analytics, visualisation and storage are widely used in the private and commercial environment already. In the healthcare sector however, many processes are still paper-based, and broad-scale digitisation has only just begun.
Our goal is to support clinicians and other relevant stakeholders for the benefit of patients by providing the right decision support at the right time and through comprehensive digital offerings.

The optimisation of workflow processes in clinical in vitro diagnostic laboratories is recognized as a major contributor to improvements in overall laboratories efficiencies and quality delivery. Our mission as an industry leader is to provide innovative automation & IT solutions to improve in vitro testing efficiency, service to clinicians and ongoing patient care.

Our Focus Areas for Innovation

  • Automation and integration of different in vitro testing disciplines (Serology, Immunology, Molecular, Tissue...)
  • Physical connectivity for the transport of samples without human intervention
  • Virtual connectivity to ensure proper orchestration of testing operations
  • Business Analytics for critical insights into the laboratory value chain
  • Smart algorithms (ML,AI) for data aggregation, analysis and transformation
  • Clinical decision making

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