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As a pioneer in healthcare we are committed to driving groundbreaking scientific and technological advances that have the potential to transform the lives of patients worldwide. But we can’t accomplish this on our own. Only by partnering with the brightest minds in science and healthcare can we serve the needs of patients.


In an independent Silico Research survey, Roche has been voted the No.1 partner of choice for nine years running. It’s a testament to our pursuit of external innovation that has always been a cornerstone of our R&D strategy.

Who we are

“A great idea is a great idea, no matter where it comes from.”


of our total pharmaceutical sales come from partnered or in-licensed products.


of our R&D pipeline is externally sourced.


new agreements entered in 2019 – including acquisitions, clinical trial collaborations and licensing agreements.


global partnerships, fostering diversity of research & translating science into breakthrough medicines.

Partnering with Roche & Genentech is not your typical corporate experience. Our success in bringing breakthrough treatments to patients today is the result of pioneering partnerships that are built on trust, flexibility, shared values and a passion for advancing science to make a lasting contribution for people’s health.

Hear directly from our partners how joining forces can accelerate the discovery and development of breakthroughs.

Pharma Partnering presentation

Listen to our Roche Pharma Partnering presentation to find out what partnering with the Roche Group is all about.

What we are looking
for in a partner

We are focusing on partnerships that have the potential to make a significant difference for patients. Our ideal partner shares our passion for breakthrough science and the vision to make a lasting contribution to people’s health.

We strongly believe that the key elements to a successful and lasting partnership are trust, shared values and openness. To revolutionise today’s standard of care, we are looking for best or first in class innovation in the following therapy areas:

Our areas of interest:

Our partnering process


We use an efficient four-step process to manage lasting partnerships from the first conversations to a long-term collaboration. At each step we can modify and tailor the relationship and create the structure for collaboration together, ensuring it meets both parties’ needs and creates a win-win situation for all involved. We bring in our best scientists and commercial experts early on to create deep and lasting partnerships that go beyond the initial deal. And we tap into the broad range of capabilities our company has to offer that can help patients from diagnosis through late stage treatment.


Executive leadership


Working with us means working respectfully eye-to-eye with peers who share a passion for changing patients' lives through pioneering science and technology.”

James Sabry
Head Roche Pharma Partnering

We believe in providing an environment where innovation can flourish. Our focus for each alliance is on the partnered innovation and how we can create a win-win situation for all involved. At the same time, our partners play an active role in the further development of their asset.

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Where we are

120 of our colleagues around the globe are building the bridge between brilliant ideas coming from within Roche and those coming from the world around us. Our global footprint with offices in Basel, South San Francisco, Boston, Cambridge, Shanghai and Tokyo offers speed, flexibility and accessibility. Learn more about our partnering efforts in Asia


If you have an opportunity for collaboration or an interesting technology, or if you have an asset in one of our areas of interest, we would like to hear from you.

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