Roche's virtual ESG event: Environmental Sustainability
Why does ESG matter?
Environmental sustainability through operational and product innovation
Environmental sustainability in our supply chain
Bruno Eschli, Head of Investor Relations
Alan Hippe, Chief Financial and Information Officer
  • Carbon emissions and the future of energy
      Scott Hemphill, Global Expert in Environmental Sustainability
  • Sustainable construction
      Georg Singewald, Head of Global Manufacturing Science, Technology and Engineering
  • Product stewardship in Pharma and Diagnostics
      Ursina Kohler, Head of Product Stewardship
  • Water and waste management, and site remediation efforts
      Richard Huerzeler, Chief Environment and Remediation Officer
  • Marielle Beyer, Head of Global Procurement

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    Roche has hosted a virtual ESG event on Environmental Sustainability on Tuesday, 23 May 2023.


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