Roche's non-voting equity securities and Roche bearer shares are listed on SIX Swiss Exchange. Roche’s American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is listed on OTCQX International Premier under the ticker RHHBY.

The Company has a share capital of CHF 106,691,000, divided into 106,691,000 fully paid bearer shares with a nominal value of 1 Swiss franc each. There are no limitations on the transfer of these shares and no shares with maximum voting rights (please refer to § 3ss. of the Articles of Incorporation of Roche Holding Ltd.).

In addition, 702,562,700 non-voting equity securities have been issued in bearer form. Roche’s non-voting equity securities and the rights pertaining thereto are described in §4ss. of the Articles of Incorporation of Roche Holding Ltd.

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At 31 December 2023, based on the information available to the Group, a shareholder group with pooled voting rights owned 69,318,000 shares representing 64.97% of the issued shares (31 December 2022: 72,018,000 shares representing 67.50% of the issued shares). On 5 December 2019 the shareholder group announced that it would continue the shareholder pooling agreement with a modified shareholder composition. This group now consists of Mr André Hoffmann, Ms Marie-Anne Hoffmann, Ms Vera Michalski, Mr Alexander Hoffmann, Mr Frederic Hoffmann, Ms Isabel Hoffmann, Mr Lucas Hoffmann, Ms Marina Hoffmann, Ms Kasia Barbotin-Larrieu, Ms Tatiana Fabre, Mr Andreas Oeri, Ms Catherine Oeri, Ms Sabine Duschmalé, Mr Jörg Duschmalé, Mr Lukas Duschmalé, the charitable foundation Wolf and Artuma Holding LLC. The shareholder pooling agreement has existed since 1948. The duration of the pool was extended for an indefinite period in 2009. At 31 December 2023, based on the information available to the Group, Ms Maja Oeri, formerly a member of the pool, held 8,091,900 shares independently of the pool, representing 7.58% of the issued shares (31 December 2022: 8,091,900 shares representing 7.58% of the issued shares).

Equity research on Roche is provided by the following institutions. We provide the names of institutions for your convenience only. We do not endorse or express any opinion on their reports and expressly disclaim any liability for any of their statements and for the use of such third party information. The list does not purport to be complete, correct or representative. The list may be updated from time to time, but no assurance is given that the list is current or accurate as of any point in time.

  • Alliance Bernstein

  • Bank of America

  • Bank Vontobel AG

  • Barclays

  • Berenberg

  • Citi

  • Cowen & Co

  • Deutsche Bank

  • Exane BNP Paribas

  • HSBC

  • Intron Health

  • Jefferies

  • JPMorgan

  • Kepler Cheuvreux

  • Morgan Stanley

  • Morningstar Inc

  • ODDO Securities

  • Redburn (Europe) Limited

  • Société Générale

  • Stifel

  • UBS

  • Wolfe Research

  • Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB)

The next Annual General Meeting of Roche Holding Ltd is expected to take place on 25 March 2025.

  1. Declaration date is the date of approval of the proposed dividend at the Annual General Meeting

  2. Ex-dividend date is the first date where trading takes place without dividend

  3. Record date is the last date on which the security must be held in custody in order to be eligible to receive dividend (as settlement typically takes place trading day + 2days)

  4. Roche dividend to ADR holders will be paid upon completion of the Swiss withholding tax reclaim process (typically early May).

This investor tool provides advanced analysis of total returns over time including dividend history and a calculator that can be used to determine the value and total return of your investment.

a) Each non-voting equity security (Genussschein) confers the same rights as any of the shares to participate in the available earnings and any remaining proceeds from liquidation following repayment of the nominal value of the shares and the participation certificate capital (if any). Shares and non-voting equity securities are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Roche Holding Ltd has no restrictions as to ownership of its shares or non-voting equity securities.

b) All stock price data reflect daily closing prices.

Last update: March 2024

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Last update: October, 2022

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