A year of meaningful impact

Innovation is central to our approach, driving us to develop groundbreaking solutions across all functions to enhance patient care. Our integration of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics uniquely positions us to make significant impacts along the patient journey. We’re committed to transforming innovative ideas into life-changing solutions for a global community, investing in research and partnerships to achieve this.

This year, we’ve strengthened our environmental stewardship, focusing on sustainable service to our stakeholders for the long term. With a forward-looking mindset, we are dedicated to creating a healthier future for people and the planet.

Dr Severin Schwan

Dr Thomas Schinecker
CEO Roche Group

Discover how Roche made an impact in 2023

Discover our innovative journey in revolutionising patient care and how we’ve impacted millions worldwide. Explore our Annual Report to see our strides in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

Roche Group sales:
CHF 58.7 billion

Pharmaceuticals Division sales:
CHF 44.6 billion

Diagnostics Division sales:
CHF 14.1 billion

Core investments in
research and development:
CHF 13.2 billion

Core operating profit:
CHF 19.2 billion

Dividend proposal:
CHF 9.60

*Unless otherwise stated, all growth rates and comparisons to the previous year are at constant exchange rates (CER; average rates 2022) and all total figures quoted are reported in CHF.

  • Polivy

  • Columvi

  • Vabysmo

  • Xofluza

  • Hemlibra

  • Ronapreve

  • Columvi

  • Evrysdi

  • Polivy (two indications)

  • Xofluza

  • Evrysdi

  • Vabysmo

  • Columvi

  • Phesgo

  • Phesgo

  • Actemra/RoActemra

  • MabThera/Rituxan
    (two indications)

  • 1 new platform

  • 4 new tests

  • 2 other

  • 9 new tests

  • 1 new digital solution

  • 5 new platforms

  • 8 new tests

  • 3 new digital solutions

  • 3 new digital solutions

were treated with Roche medicines in 2023,
compared to 33 LLMICs in 2021.

were tested with Roche’s HPV high-risk testing in 2023 – more than 600,000 of these women in low- and middle-income countries.

in Pakistan was launched in partnership with Greenstar Social Marketing (Guarantee) Limited in 2023 to improve diabetes management for women, with the goal to reach over one million individuals in the next three years.

We continue to work with City Cancer Challenge, who are now active in 14 cities worldwide reaching an estimated
66.5 million people.

in scope of our LLMICs access goal used our core medicines in 2023, as we aim to double access from 27,000 patients between 2021 and 2026.**

in 29 countries have been reached through the Changing Diabetes in Children programme, a partnership with Novo Nordisk, since its launch in 2009.

in Africa were trained through the Global Access Program to address critical shortages of lab technicians and support the need for more quality diagnostic services.

were approved or approval was in progress in LLMICs, compared to 60% in 2021.

were delivered to customers worldwide in 2023.

*Low-lower-middle-income countries (LLMICs)
**2023 saw a decline in the use of Actemra/RoActemra for COVID-19; however this was compensated by increases in other medicines.

women in executive positions

under-represented nationalities in executive positions*

new diversity networks or chapters formed in 2023, bringing the total to 127

global DE&I strategy focuses on four pillars: patient, people, culture and society

in pay between men and women in similar jobs as our organisation-wide analysis confirmed

Caroline Creven Fourrier joins Roche as Chief Diversity Officer

*Includes individuals from countries in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Commitment to environmental sustainability

Roche’s progressive approach to environmental protection and management reflects our strong commitment to risk mitigation and is intrinsic to our business.

We measure our impact on the environment using the eco-balance metric and strive to continuously lower it by consuming less energy, reducing emissions to air, using less water, and producing less general and chemical waste.

Antoine helps us improve care for people with MS

Antoine is passionate about helping people better understand multiple sclerosis (MS), a neurological disease affecting 2.9 million people. As a Roche patient expert, he regularly shares details about his life with MS to help us improve our delivery of care for people with MS. His resilience and positivity in the face of setbacks associated with MS are an inspiration for us all – reminding us to prioritise what truly matters in life.

“Living with MS provides a new perspective – I no longer worry about trivial matters. It alters your mindset and behaviour, and I believe it has improved my outlook on life.”

Women’s health achievements

Historically, healthcare has often overlooked women’s unique needs, leading to disparities in research, treatment and access. Roche’s #MyStoryForChange launched in 2023, addresses this by empowering women to share their health stories. The campaign has collected over 630 stories, transforming them into powerful agents of change. These stories illustrate the pressing need for a healthcare system that equitably understands and caters to women’s specific needs.

Freedom to Be

Let’s put health equity at the forefront because every woman, everywhere deserves quality healthcare. By giving women the Freedom to Be, we can change the facts to do better for ourselves, our loved ones and future generations.

A future free from cervical cancer

Travel from Ceredigion, Wales, to Comunidad El Salvador in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon to learn more about how HPV self-collection is empowering women to protect themselves against cervical cancer.
This video was produced for Roche by @BBC StoryWorks.


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