Interested in learning about or participating in one of our clinical trials?

In this changing healthcare environment, patients are increasingly empowered to manage their medical conditions, including treatment decisions. They have been asking for more personalised information to support them in navigating the sometimes-confusing world of clinical trials. Available public information about clinical trials often contains technical and medical jargon, making it less accessible to patients and caregivers. They deserve better.

Patient engagement is fundamental to clinical research at Roche, and we are constantly looking for ways to partner with patients. Patients have rightfully secured a seat at the table during the drug development process, and we welcome their voice every step of the way. We systematically include the patient perspective in planning and executing our clinical trials, from consulting with patient advisory boards to embedding patients and their advocates in our clinical development teams.

To further enhance this partnership and support patients on their clinical trial journey, Roche has developed a new patient-centric information platform called ForPatients. Developed in partnership with patients, physicians, caregivers and advocates, ForPatients provides a dedicated place for

  • Getting information about Roche clinical trials, in clear and simple language

  • Learning more about certain health conditions, with simple descriptions and links to trusted resources

  • Reviewing and understanding the results of Roche’s completed clinical trials

  • Exploring what clinical trials are, why they’re important and what it’s like to participate in one.

The ForPatients platform can help patients quickly find information on Roche-sponsored clinical trials

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