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This page provides details on how to get in touch with us for different types of queries relating to our medications, diagnostic products and Roche services. Any response received from Roche does not replace the advice of a physician.

Please note that medications and diagnostic products cannot be directly ordered through the points of contact referenced on this page. We also do not respond to form letters or e-mail campaigns.

Moreover, the media contacts provided below are not to be used to report adverse events or to ask any questions regarding medical products.

For Healthcare Professionals, Patients and their Caregiver

If you have questions about one of our Pharma products or would like to raise a potential product quality concern or to report a potential side effect , please get in touch with our global medical information services.

Any inquiry regarding potential side effects of a Diagnostic solution should be directed to the Roche local safety contact Suspicious side effects should also be discussed with a physician.

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All information on sponsorship at Roche is available on our Philanthropy criteria and requests page.

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You can find the sponsorship info on Philanthropy Criteria and requests.

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