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Our partners play an important role as enablers of our sustainable growth and overall success.

All transactions by Roche with business partners are made on the basis of quality, competitive prices, suitability, sustainability and integrity. Roche seeks to establish mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with its business partners based on these principles.

We understand business partners as any third party supplying goods to Roche and/or performing services for or on behalf of Roche, such as by example suppliers, agents, distributors, contract research organizations (CRO), contract manufacturers, service providers, licensers, licensees, healthcare professional and healthcare organizations.

Roche provides a template presentation on the compliance training of Business Partners, which highlights our key expectations.

Roche further provides information regarding due diligence on external business partners and our key expectations in this area. These key expectations include amongst others an assessment on human rights. See more

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Pascale Schmidt

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Business Partners are encouraged to seek help and advice in regard of the implementation of the Roche Group Code of Conduct as well as report a non-compliant situation which they face in connection with a Roche business.

We expect high standards of performance and integrity of our business partners

Procurement supports Roche in doing now what patients need next by delivering value beyond savings, driving sustainability in the communities where our patients live. We are committed to supporting our suppliers to do the same. There is no Planet B.

Working with suppliers to create sustainable value

Useful examples and templates supporting you with the assessment of your own business partners:

Anti-Corruption Compliance Questionnaire for Business Partners Assurance declaration on adequate application of Roche’s Anti-Corruption Compliance Questionnaire for Business Anti-Corruption Compliance Assurance Confirmation of Roche's Business Partners

Anti-Corruption Compliance

We offer an e-learning program to help our suppliers and service providers increase their knowledge and understanding of the Roche Supplier Code of Conduct and of industry standards for sustainability.


Supplier Code of Conduct e-learning program


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