The Biochemical Pathways Wall Charts have enjoyed worldwide popularity as a standard reference for over 50 years. Because we care about science and scientists, the charts can now be accessed as an interactive online service with additional features. In 2023, we freely distributed this invaluable scientific reference to almost 10,000 students and educators in 95 countries.

Biochemical Pathways provide an overview of the chemical reactions of cells in various species and organs. Dr. Michal first compiled the Pathways Chart in 1965 and has been fine-tuning it ever since. Today, and with the collaboration of Roche, the two enormous posters can be found hanging in just about every research institute from Argentina to New Zealand.

If you think you could contribute or collaborate with us (e.g. provide an interface to an enzyme database like ExPASy ENZYME) we look forward to hearing from you.

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