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Published 23 June 2021

Whether it’s cancer, infectious diseases or other serious health threats, the quest for better solutions to healthcare’s greatest challenges starts with and depends on diagnostics.

Advanced diagnostic solutions enable clinicians to make critical decisions for their patients earlier, more accurately, and with greater confidence. Improved decision making benefits not only individual patients but also society as a whole. Healthcare systems – under increasing pressure to control costs – can use limited resources more efficiently while at the same time increasing access and driving better outcomes.

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About Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics is a division of Roche. We develop and integrate diagnostic solutions that address the challenges of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. In more than 100 countries, we offer the industry’s most comprehensive in vitro diagnostics solutions, covering molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry and immunoassays, tissue diagnostics, point of care testing, patient self-testing, next-generation sequencing, and laboratory automation and IT, and decision support solutions.

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