A mother solidifies her allyship

Claire has always had strong views about the freedom to be who you are. She would get upset and angered if others made degrading comments or judged others by how they live their life. But things took a more personal turn when her own daughter opened up to her about her sexuality. Allyship took on a whole new meaning.

“The day my youngest daughter shared her truth with me is forever etched in my memory. I'd always had inklings of her possibly being non-heterosexual, but the actual confirmation brought a profound mix of emotions — relief that she felt safe to confide in me, but also an unyielding determination to support her in her journey of self-discovery. What followed was a joint exploration of openness, acceptance and understanding that we both went through."

But supporting a child's exploration of their sexuality isn't a one-time event. It's a constant dialogue. An early misstep I made was prematurely categorising my daughter as gay, despite her expressing uncertainty about her orientation.

This experience reminded me to question my assumptions, challenge societal norms and expand my understanding. She eventually chose to identify as 'unlabelled', a recognition of the complex, fluid spectrum of human sexuality.

The power of allyship

This raises the question, how do we extend this acceptance beyond our homes into the wider world, specifically within organisations and workplaces? My career at Roche has been a testament to such inclusivity. And when I wanted some support and also a place where I could represent allyship, I found OPEN.

Being part of the OPEN network has not only given me the platform to stand as an ally but has also allowed me to champion acceptance and inclusion in every aspect of the organisation. We should all be allowed to be our own true selves in the workplace. And this will increase our power in changing the world for the better.

With every new understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues, my commitment to being an ally solidifies. I am unwavering in my stance to challenge and combat prejudices whenever and wherever they surface. In the journey towards a more inclusive world, the resilience of the LGBTQIA+ community and the fortitude of its allies are immeasurable. This fight for equality isn't just about us; it's about setting a precedent of acceptance and equality for all generations to come.

I aim to continue to do anything I can to help everyone be their own true selves and not be quashed by other people's prejudices

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