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For too long, science has placed men in the forefront as the “default human”, leaving women overlooked and left behind. As a result, today, women are faced with inequities in treatment, care and access to healthcare. It’s time we lean into biological differences to better understand women’s health and account for women’s clinical characteristics and personal needs. It’s time we eliminate cultural and societal barriers that prevent women from getting the care they are entitled to.

As a collective we have a responsibility to act, and to put the healthcare needs of women firmly in the spotlight.

X requires more investigation

Make the difference for X

X represents the female chromosome that has been overlooked in many areas of healthcare. In the past, differences between women and men may have been seen as a hurdle, but we see an opportunity to be better at what we do.

We want to give X our full commitment, and we’re already working with partners and finding new solutions that embrace differences to improve healthcare.

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Today’s healthcare systems have been built around data that, to a large degree, has been collected and shaped by men, leading to systemic blindness in the experiences and needs of women.

With the support and collaboration of key partners, we are conducting new research to address these knowledge gaps. To create a future where women will have an equal opportunity to access the right information, the right diagnosis and the right treatment.

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We want to work with you, because we don’t have all the answers. Only by combining knowledge and expertise across industries can we address inequities and ensure a better future for women. We call on individuals, organisations and policy makers to join us on the journey to change the facts and close the gaps to make a difference for women everywhere.

We use the terms “woman” and “women” referring to people who biologically have two x chromosomes (xx). However, inclusivity is at the core of XProject and we recognize that these individuals may not all identify as female. We respect that gender identities are diverse and are striving for an equitable health system for all.

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