Personalised healthcare is shifting the paradigm

Physicians have realised for a long time that patients are fundamentally unique. In fact, the complexity of human biology is so staggering that science is constantly teaching how people react differently to the same treatment. Every person is different and, in many ways, so is their disease.

With the emergence of meaningful health data from multiple sources, advanced analytics and rapid scientific progress we now have the opportunity to save countless lives by providing patients with the right treatment at the right time.

Roche is driving truly individualised solutions for patients by unleashing the power of real world data, artificial intelligence and technology that can answer some of the most important questions in science and healthcare. It is ambitions, but we hope that the insights we derive will ensure greater speed, efficiency and certainty in the way we develop innovative medicines and personalise patient care.

At the same time, it is our unshakeable commitment to be a trusted partner for patients and society by fulfilling the highest data privacy standards to protect patient data. It’s a privilege when patients share their data with us. That's why we are handling data with respect and support transparent ethical and governance frameworks that are addressing patients' concerns and consider the individual control of their data. We believe that carefully translating data into actionable information in healthcare is an important task for society as a whole.

I would expect that whoever I am sharing my data with to have certain principles. They have to respect my privacy, they have to have made it a priority to protect the data that I share with them. But the most important thing would be that there needs to be real value coming out of that data.
Mark Lee
Global Head of Personalised Healthcare, Product Development, Roche Pharma

We are excited about the promise that lies ahead and see it as an incredible opportunity for all partners in healthcare. Personalised Healthcare and its impact on people’s lives will only become a reality, if all stakeholders work together to address multiple emerging needs, such as the increased complexity and the need for greater efficiency and outcomes in healthcare. We are engaging in partnerships to leverage advances and synergies between science and technology, and to ensure open access to data that can improve patient care.

For us this is not just an opportunity, it’s an obligation to get this right.

Watch Tim M. Jäger. M.D., Global Head of Diagnostics Information Solutions, Roche Diagnostics, and Mark Lee, M.D., Global Head of Personalised Healthcare, Product Development, Roche Pharma give personal answers to these questions.

What are the challenges of the increasing complexity in healthcare?
Explaining real world data and how can they be handled responsibly
Partnerships are essential to ensure data privacy and create value for patients and society
Why transparency and trust are key?
Would you share your data?
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