Would you share your health data?
There is a fundamental willingness by patients to share their data with us. In my experience, the closer the use of their data is tied to a personal situation or condition, the more pronounced is their willingness to contribute to medical progress.
Tim M. Jäger
Global Head of Diagnostics Information Solutions, Roche

With whom would people share their health data?


with their doctor


with their health plan or hospital


with state/public health agencies


with pharmaceutical companies

Transparency is key for patients

Ultimately, patients want to contribute to the bigger picture, they want better care for their disease and new treatments. The resistance comes from the use of data in a non-transparent way, in ways that weren’t made clear from the beginning.

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Patients should benefit

Open exchange of data, including with competitors, would empower all actors to tap into the significant potential for value creation. Patients who make their data available should be able to benefit as a result. Not only directly as individuals but also indirectly by ensuring that the data is used to create maximal quality of life for patients.

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When it comes to healthcare, consumers are most concerned about:




Data security


Cost of healthcare

Why we collect data

It is a privilege to work with patient data. We need to treat that data with respect, ensuring protection of patient privacy and prevention of unauthorised access. But we should also be transparent with patients about our goals: Finding answers to the most important scientific questions is the prime reason why we are collecting data.

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