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Very strong performance – outlook increased

Innovative medicines and immunodiagnostic solutions continued driving our growth

Continued business success in 2019

In the first half of the year, we achieved very strong results, driven by high demand for our new medicines. I am very pleased with the expedited approvals health authorities granted for our new medicines. They represent important treatment options for patients fighting cancer.

Severin Schwan CEO Roche

At a glance

Roche has been building on its wide-ranging expertise and combined strengths in its Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics divisions for the past 20 years. This has made the company a universally acknowledged pioneer and leader in this first wave of personalised healthcare. As part of these efforts, the company has developed targeted treatments, with additional regulatory approvals of new medicines granted in the first half of 2019.

CHF 30.5 billion
Sales: Roche Group
2019 100% 30.5 bn +9%*
2018 91% 28.1 bn
CHF 24.2 billion
Sales: Roche Pharmaceuticals
2019 100% 24.2 bn +10%
2018 90% 21.8 bn
CHF 12.4 billion
Core operating profit
2019 100% 12.4 bn +11%
2018 89% 11.2 bn
CHF 5.6 billion
Core investments: Research and development
2019 100% 5.6 bn +4%
2018 96% 5.3 bn
CHF 6.3 billion
Sales: Roche Diagnostics
2019 100% 6.3 bn +2%
2018 98% 6.3 bn
* CER = Constant Exchange Rates (average full year 2018)

Personalised healthcare – progress made

Developing targeted and life saving medicines

New ways in drug development

We have come a long way in a short time, and here is what has changed: Huge advances in how we test genes and mutations in tumours mean that we now better understand what drives them, what makes them grow. Knowing about these genetic drivers means we can develop precision treatments that specifically target them — this is incredibly exciting.

Professor Hans Prenen Deputy Head of the Oncology Department and Director of Clinical Trial Management at the University Hospital Antwerp, Belgium

Recent approvals of our new medicines and line extensions of some of our existing medicines for various diseases represent a new chapter in personalised healthcare. By applying advanced diagnostics, we can help patients with precision medicines that target diseases based on their molecular drivers instead of their location in the body.

The number of expedited review procedures granted by regulatory authorities for our drugs reflects the quality of innovation we provide while addressing a high patient need much faster.

Did you know?

In an increasing number of diseases, biomarker testing for specific gene variations offers the opportunity to identify the right therapy for an individual patient. Roche is leveraging its expertise in developing targeted therapies and advanced diagnostics in conjunction with its partners to advance personalised care for patients with severe or life-threatening diseases.


In 2019, two entirely new cancer drugs were approved by health authorities.

Rather than recommending treatments solely based on whether an individual has a specific type of cancer, physicians are now looking at the disease at the molecular level to understand the best way to treat it. These “tumour-agnostic” therapies are beginning to show promise in clinical settings, helping patients across a range of rare and hard-to-treat cancers.


Breakthrough Therapy Designations granted by US FDA


Breakthrough Device Designations granted by US FDA

A glimpse into the future

Roche continues to focus on disease areas with significant medical need. We are committed to developing new medicines and tests that can help in the treatment of people with deadly diseases.

New technologies and advanced analytical tools are helping to manage, mine and make sense of large and fast-growing datasets. They are emerging as powerful catalysts in the transformation of healthcare, both in terms of accelerating research and development and ensuring access to the best possible care for patients.

Certainty and effective treatment decisions

Hope through confidence in data-supported decision-making

The value of clinical decision support

For patients, a cancer diagnosis changes everything. As a physician with many years of experience, I know that what patients want most is certainty. Certainty what the diagnosis means for their life and that every necessary step is taken in a timely fashion to ensure they will get the best possible care.

Tim M. Jaeger Global Head Diagnostics Information Solutions
Patients need confidence that their doctors are considering all relevant data to make the best possible diagnostic and treatment decisions as quickly as possible. However, no clinician has enough time to delve deeply into the latest and increasingly complex research to confidently decide which diagnostics and therapies are the right choice for an individual patient. And, taken on their own, these vast amounts of data do not automatically add up to improved patient outcomes.

Did you know?

Our latest clinical decision support solutions enable experts from various disciplines involved in cancer care to upload their patient records in the same dashboard.

Tumour boards bring together specialists such as oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, and nurse navigators. A tumour board reviews all the clinical perspectives to determine the best possible individual treatment plans within just a few minutes per patient.

Thus, tumour board discussions represent some of the most important minutes in a cancer patient’s life. However, tumour board participants have demanding caseloads and there is a risk that due to time constraints treatment decisions have to be postponed – a difficult situation for a patient with a life threatening disease.


When companies with complementary expertise in medical technology and science form partnerships, they can provide clinicians with critically needed decision support tools. Roche and GE Healthcare collaborate to create joint solutions that equip clinicians with easier access to relevant data at the right time.

By addressing medical complexity through insights derived from advanced analytics applied to large amounts of assembled data across diagnostic disciplines, these tools play a significant role in helping healthcare professionals deliver personalised care to patients.

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shorter preparation time allows for more case discussions

Our people

From a talent to a young professional

Explore the Roche career journey

Students who completed an apprenticeship with Vocational Baccalaureate derive particular benefits. They learned to deliver results on a daily basis. In my opinion, this paves the way perfectly to successful studies at a university of applied sciences with diverse career prospects.

Professor Christian Tanner Programme Head, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Did you know?

Every year, Roche in Switzerland trains around 420 young apprentices in 15 different occupations. By combining instruction at vocational school, training at our in-house training centre and tuition on the job in the workplace, Roche optimally prepares apprentices for their professional future. About 2/3 of youngsters living in Switzerland opt for the dual-track system of vocational education and training. It opens up a wide range of professional possibilities.

Meet some of the talents and learn more about their career journey

Dominik IT-apprentice,
Manufacturing IT,
Roche Switzerland

I enjoy my apprenticehip, I have always been very practical and wanted some hands-on experience

Dominik IT-apprentice, Manufacturing IT, Roche Switzerland

I am in my third year preparing my final apprenticeship assignment. I have always enjoyed computing as well as programming and refining small applications. I am working in the IT Manufacturing department. We plan and provide the infrastructure for the production and laboratory environment together with external partners. This means that if an issue is reported we are responsible for managing it. I am a system administrator and involved in finding the cause, overseeing, documenting and fixing it. It is not only technical, you meet new people and you can build your project management skills.

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Michèle CPS assistant,
Roche Diagnostics,

My internationally oriented apprenticeship was exactly what I wanted

Michèle CPS assistant, Roche Diagnostics, Switzerland

Having attended high school in the US, the internationally oriented apprenticeship in English was exactly what I wanted. I have enjoyed being able to rotate around many different departments. As a commercial apprentice, my duties included organising events at the training centre in Buonas and handling room reservations. In the second year, I got the chance to spend a semester there and learnt a lot about the hotel business. My journey continues and I plan to do my Vocational Baccalaureate next. I am excited to see where this takes me.

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Josephine Global PD Finance Business Partner,
Roche UK

I loved my time as an apprentice, it has shown me the direction I want to go in the future

Josephine Global PD Finance Business Partner, Roche UK

I have always liked maths and numbers. On completing school, I had not considered going to university as the study programmes did not particularly interest me. Instead, I liked the idea of learning, working and getting paid. The apprenticeship at Roche offered me everything I was looking for. I was part of the business and finance unit teams, I had my own projects and helped with the monthly closings. After a “pool year” and assignments in Basel and Welwyn I am now where I wanted to be: I am working as a Finance Business Partner in Welwyn.

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Flavio Methods & Process Manager,
Schindler Group,
South Africa

Becoming a commercial apprentice has allowed me to build my career

Flavio Methods & Process Manager, Schindler Group, South Africa

During my apprenticeship at Roche, I have spent every six months in different teams and got to work on a range of projects. It has been very dynamic: I provided support on presentation setup and helped organise a big event. I have always pushed myself towards new challenges, and after the apprenticeship, I went to university, enrolled in an international study programme and went to Hong Kong. With Schindler, I completed my master’s degree in Finance and did a technician training at the same time. Now I am on my next adventure, working as an expat for Schindler in South Africa.

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Experio Roche, the modern training laboratory for school visits located in the apprenticeship training facilities in Basel/Kaiseraugst, offers a multitude of workshops to promote and nurture interest in science, engineering and technology or support students in their career choice.

The exchange programme gives outstanding graduates the opportunity to work in another country for a six-month period. After this placement, they are integrated into an existing team in Switzerland via a pool contract, broaden their professional experience and are attractive candidates for permanent contracts.

90 %

of young professionals choose to continue their career path with Roche following their apprenticeship


students participated in over 530 workshops at Experio Roche since 2015


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