PHC incubator Leader

中国, 北京, Beijing

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1.    Proactively identify PHC business needs and opportunities, lead cross-functional team to analyze, develop, execute, communicate and evaluate relevant PHC program in assigned territory.
a)    Proactively identify clinical practice gaps and unmet medical needs in responsible PHC territorial
b)    Drive the development and clinical adoption of innovative technologies and therapies tailored to individual patients’ specific disease profiles in alignment with PHC strategy and objectives.
c)    Develop integrated project plan 
d)    Secure resources for the implementation 
e)    On behalf of the project team to engage senior management for support
f)    Timely evaluate project progress and deliverables and take actions if needed
2.    Build up and shape strategic partnerships with local PHC ecosystem key stakeholders, drive internal and external PHC practice capabilities development.
a)    Key stakeholders mapping based on the assigned project
b)    Develop and execute stakeholder engagement plan
c)    Close collaborate with key stakeholders for the project implementation
d)    Seeking opportunities to improve and develop PHC project performance and developing team member in alignment with their functional managers. 
e)    Inspiring and shaping external market stakeholders to begin to dedicate resources to improving PHC pillars, capturing the window of opportunity to partner with.
3.    Developing PHC infrastructure and ecosystems are significant time investments and can keep Roche PHC be in the forefront of an emerging system, and in the increasingly competitive and evolving personalized healthcare landscape. 
a)    Maximize the opportunity to coordinate across Pharma , DIA , external partners, such as biotech, digital & data innovative solution industry, etc. to address patient PHC care needs in a unified approach of Identifying, diagnosing, and treating patients faster, and closely engaging them during their care
b)    Lay the foundation for future PHC solution or insights business launches, bringing more treatment options to better treat appropriate patients 
c)    Developing PHC infrastructure and ecosystems are significant time investments and by starting, we can be in the forefront of an emerging system
4.    Develop PHC program evaluation and communication mechanism, consistently optimize efficiencies of the assigned project; be accountable for the value deliveries and maximize positive business impact.
a)    Efficiently managing projects, internal andexternal resources (including working with vendors) and ensuring all activities are delivered according to quality requirements, timelines and within budget.
b)    Build 2-way communication channels to consolidate and evaluate feedbacks and suggestions, enabling new insights to accelerate PHC project implementation. 
c)    Close collaborate with internal/external stakeholders to continue improve operation efficiencies
d)    Capitalize internal/external resources to enhance operation efficiencies
e)    Ensuring compliance with, relevant regulations, SOPs and principles.
5.    With the agility to identify, foster, nurture, develop and boost best practice in assigned territory to serve PHC practice & maximize patient value in align with corporate PHC strategy. Broaden the application of innovative technologies and PHC healthcare solutions according to local clinical practice and medical needs.
a)    Proactively identify good practice model, based on clinical practice gaps and unmet medical needs in PHC area to boost best practice in assigned territory.
b)    Nurture the best practice into applicable business model with practice guidance.
c)    Maximize the clinical adoption and access of PHC best practice, innovative technologies and business model based on patient’s needs.
6.    Assist company PHC lead to develop and execute local PHC strategic and communication plan
a)    Active participate PHC sprint board to contribute ideas for PHC planning
b)    Provide continue feedback to improve PHC local implementation based on project experiences
c)    Develop and execute assigned PHC projects and timely feedback to improve PHC local implementation
d)    Capturing and sharing insights, experience and learning from other PHC projects, affiliates and global as China involve PHC activities
7.    Opportunity to demonstrate leadership within China healthcare market and in Roche; attracting and retaining talent 
a)    Improve the understanding and awareness of PHC in China through the incubated PHC initiatives, PHC maturity index, PHC knowledge and PHC patient values to develop both internal and external stakeholders (i.e. oncologists, pathologists, bioinformaticians, and patient groups/organization) on PHC and/or cultivate national PHC champion.
b)    Build up PHC incubator capability enabling system and mechanism, and value based performance evaluation system
c)    Builds up the capability and capacity of PHC incubator team members to ensure the resource and skill set needed for a high quality PHC incubator initiatives deliverables. 
d)    Motivates all team member(s) to work towards the aligned goal, provide coaching and support to the team member(s), responsible for team member recruitment and career development
e)    Inspires and motivates a positive spirit of teamwork by active, open and constructive communications
f)    Coaches and supports individual subordinate team members for desired performance and career development
g)    Oversees the development and implementation of training plans for assigned team
h)    Manages the PHC incubator team budget, including review and approval of expense reports
8.    Establishing both internal and external PHC capabilities through the PHC incubator mechanism and its initiatives across the PHC assets, including diagnose, care plan, and monitoring to enable patients have equal access to tailored PHC care  

Qualification and Experience 
1.    Major in Clinical medicine, Pharma ,Science or MBA
2.    Bachelor's degree or above
3.    > 6 years’ experience in medical affairs or business management in multinational pharmaceutical company
4.    in Medial,  Science
Leadership Competencies 
1.    Strategic agility
2.    Technical and business expertise
3.    Inspiring and influencing
4.    Teamwork and collaboration
5.    Experienced strategic thinking and planning skills.
6.    Demonstrated ability in cross-functional leadership, cross-industry and ecosystem leadership
7.    3 or more years of Proven experiences in people and budget management in relevant pharmaceutical organizations.
8.    3 or more years of people management experiences is required. 

Job Required Competencies 
1.    Deep and broad understanding of the industry, the mark et and the business as well as innovation that has to do with personalized healthcare. Understand their linkages and dependencies, and form opinion regarding their impact on how healthcare will delivered to patients, and managed.
2.    Customer orientation / patient centricity to design, implement and deliver through x functional work the solutions that match production positioning, and ensure physicians / patients experiences
3.    Strong healthcare environment sensitivity, influencing skill to forge and foster strong alliance to help bring launches into China
4.    In-depth understanding of patient care solution and its development process, marketing concepts & external regulatory environment
5.    Demonstrated understanding of principles and techniques of integrated healthcare solution,RWD analysis/ interpretation & clinical relevance 
6.    Demonstrated strong work ethic, and proven track record of delivering high quality within timelines
7.    Demonstrated ability to think strategically and align with wide range of stakeholders 
8.    Ability to motive the team members working towards shared goals
9.    Ability to attract, retain and develop talents
10.    Strong influential, communication and negotiation skills

Travel Frequency 

Job Level:

Individual contributor