Account Executive

中国, 山东, Weihai

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Job Summary 职位概述:

Be responsible for product promotion in both local hospital and retail market using scientific-based facts and materials in order to achieve the company vision of integrated Personal Diabetes Management (iPDM) for patients.

负责运用科学技术情况和资料在任职当地各医院相关科室的专业处方产品和零售市场推广以实现公司对患者进行综合 个性化血糖管理 (iPDM) 的愿景。

Cooperate with distributors to open new customer accounts, build up the company’s image, perform after-sell service, to achieve or exceed sales target for the assigned sales territory within sales expense budget pre-set by line manager.

与经销商配合开发新客户,树立公司形象做好产品售后维修, 及产品售后维修,在指定销售区域内,在公司事先设定好的 销售费用预算范围前提下完成或者超过销售指标

Main Tasks & Responsibilities 主要工作职责:

1. Carry out daily promotion tasks through professional detailing and promotion of company’s products with the eventual aim to achieve or exceed sales target pre-set by company 通过对公司产品专业详细的设计和推广来进行日常的推广任务,最终达到或者超过公司设定的销售指标

2. Possess and maintain good product knowledge and be competent to conduct product presentation to customers in group setting 熟知并且保持对公司产品的知识,有很强的能力来对客户团体进行产品介绍和简报

3. Provide regular market and competitive information and timely reporting to AM/SV/Marketing in format and contents agreed by Company. Develop and update on regular basis customer data files. 按照公司要求的格式和内容提供定期和高质量的市场和竞争信息和及时的报告给主管/经理/市场部;基于报告 系统建立和维护高质量的客户资料文档

4. Pay planned visits to target customers based on pre-defined customer territories (clinical departments, device purchasing dept., store staff and manager, chain management and hospital management) according to call plan submitted and approved by SV/Area Manager 按照所提交的并且得到主管/经理批准的拜访计划,在事先设定好的客户区域拜访目标客户(医学临床部门, 设备采购科和医院管理层,店员和经理以及连锁店管理层)

5. Conduct promotional activities within expense budgets based on monthly action plan submitted and pre-approved by line manager 按照所提交的并且得到主管事先批准的预算内和月度行动计划进行促销活动

6. Plan and carry out quality service on meters placed in hospitals and conduct high-quality service and expiry inspections on the machines and test strips placed in the retail terminal along with daily visits. 在日常拜访中对投放在医院的机器计划并且进行高质量的服务和对投放在零售终端的机器和试纸进行高质量 的服务和效期检查。

7. Develop and maintain good relationships with KOLs and key procurement depts. 与当地主要专家及重点采购部门重要人士建立良好关系,为公司树立良好的专业形象

8. Maintain an active coordination with local distributors to ensure enough stock-holding and coverage. 与当地经销商良好积极配合协调保重其有足够的库存和地区覆盖

9. Other tasks or projects assigned by line manager 上级主管安排的其他任务 10. Conduct business in full compliance to Behavior in Business and Behavior in Competition 遵循商业行为准则,合法合理开展业务活动

Education& Qualifications 教育背景与专业知识资格:

1. College or above, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preferred 大学专科以上学历,医药学类优先

2. Good command of English in both spoken and written 英语说写能力俱佳

3. Good command of MS office software application 熟练应用微软办公软件

4. Product & Application Expertise 产品和应用的专业知识

Experience 工作经验:

About 1-year related working experiences, good personality, skillful at communicating with others. Strong ability of working independently; Strong ability of bearing hardships