Manager - Sales Force Effectiveness

China, Shanghai, Shanghai

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2.    Primary Purpose of Job (Job Summary)
-    Take lead of sales force planning
Ÿ    Communicate with Cluster Ecosystem to well understand business needs, balance different opinions and is able to reach consensus on key decisions & design rational
Ÿ    Sales force planning for customer target, FF structure, sizing, territory & sale target for ecosystem operation & execution. 
Ÿ    Identify issues with sales management, seek ways for improvement and ensure well implementation & drive sales force operation effective and efficiency
Ÿ    Act as a main contact window, proactively work with BU & supportive function BP, SFE internal function etc. to ensure effective cross function alignment. & operation efficiency. 

3.    Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities (Major functions of the position)                                

Drive sales force effectiveness & efficiency    •    Drive sales force effective through sales force sizing, deployment, territory alignment target setting etc.
•    Ensure sales force effective operation process efficiency and consistency across BU and brand teams
•    Utilize SFE related internal and external data sources such as sales, IMS, CPA, CRM, etc and be able to connect dots to support PJP/HSP efficiency improvement initiatives
•    Support CRM customer validation, segmentation , call strategy and drive for customer enegagement management
Leadership & communication  

 •    Lead SFE business analysis scrum team to support Ecosystem value added FF management & strengthen capability development 
•    Lead SFE initiatives & collaboration across SFE function and company function teams
•    Enhance collaboration with other enabling functions and establish trustworthy rapport with key stake holders focus on enhancing value through active collaboration.
Professional consultation & analytic insights   

 •    Collectively identify and address business issues
•    Diagnose and assess key pain-points
•    Mobilize and kickoff agreed initiatives
•    Drive and lead project execution
•    Leverage company internal resource 
•    Guide, monitor and periodically review implementation status 

4.    Qualification and Experience

Ÿ    At least 6 years’ experience MNC SFE or analytics department or at least 3 years in a consulting firm 
Ÿ    More than 1/3 time work in healthcare projects if works in a consulting firm 
Ÿ    Bachelor degree or above
Ÿ    MBA & Master in quantitative field are preferred

Leadership Competencies

Strategic Agility
Ÿ    Articulates wise, long-term objectives and strategies.
Ÿ    Balances what will pay off in the short run with what will provide long-term improvements.
Ÿ    Provides clarity and focus on a few key priorities.

Managing change
Ÿ    Effectively manages change; explaining the context, answering questions, and patiently listening to concerns.
Ÿ    Effectively involves key people in the design and implementation of change.
Ÿ    Introduces needed change even in the face of opposition.

Inspiring and Influencing
Ÿ    Understands what motivates other people to perform at their best.
Ÿ    Finds opportunities to build community celebrate and have fun.
Ÿ    Is inspirational; helps people to see the importance of what they are doing.
Ÿ    Is skilled at managing and influencing peers and upward

Achieving Results
Ÿ    Clearly conveys objectives, deadlines and expectations.
Ÿ    Assigns clear accountability for important objectives.
Ÿ    Recognizes and rewards hard work and dedication to excellence.

Ÿ    Advocates for and helps progress new ideas that add business value.
Ÿ    Sees the value in others’ unique differences.
Ÿ    Is entrepreneurial; seizes new opportunities.

Teamwork and Collaboration
Ÿ    Helps direct reports resolve their conflicts constructively.
Ÿ    Is able to pull people together around a common goal.
Ÿ    Builds diverse team and leverages them to deliver exceptional results.
Ÿ    Finds and attracts highly talented and productive people.

Job Required Competencies
Ÿ    Experience in SFE analysis & planning in pharma industry 
Ÿ    Strong analytical skills
Ÿ    Strong people influence skills
Ÿ    Strong presentation skills
Ÿ    Fluent in both English and Chinese