Regional SI Specialist - WS

中国, 湖南, Changsha

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You will be responsible for Marketing and Product Management for Automation and IT solution and new product launch.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities :

  • Workflow consulting focused on the laboratory as a whole and the corresponding processes. Considering operators' activities, walking distances and the overall operational principles of the facility. Workflow consulting also comprises the detailed specification of the automation part of the workflow solution;

  • The activities include the documentation of the existing layout and a proposal for the future using appropriate visualization and simulation tools;

  • Providing simulation training to regional team;

  • Assisting Business Area to achieve overall objectives set by Business Management;

  • Developing and implementing marketing plan for the product group. Gathering market intelligence and to assimilate up to date market information to Regional Management;

  • Analyzing competitions and formulating sales argumentation to help Regional Management in convincing customers. Working closely with Regional Management in order to support sales effort;

  • Assisting to product lunch and registration and Forecasting. Assimilating up to-date product information a timely manner to those concerned.

Basic Requirements of the Job:
You should hold at least Bachelor Degree in Clinical Laboratory or other Appropriate Science.
You should have:

  • Proficiency in both spoken and written English. Good command of MS office software application;

  • Product & marketing expertise;

  • 2 -3 years in sales or marketing experience in the industry.


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