Marketing&Strategy Manager/ Assistant Manager/ Senior Specialist-Payer Innovation

中国, 上海, Shanghai

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  • Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities 主要职责/责任
    (Major functions of the position)                                (职位的首要职能)
  • Collaborates with highly matrixed internal and external stakeholders to input cross-functional efforts to identify and design scalable healthcare and payer innovation strategy as part of the Roche China 5-year strategy
  • Assistant to associate director for coordinating and communicating with business, strategic planning, and related divisional teams for planning and tracking of Payer Innovation Strategic and Patient Benefit Program to promote fast, broad, and sustainable patient access for better patient health and outcomes
  • Assistant to associate director for patient benefit program’s process tracking and make sure all team members of Payer Innovation achieve project basis on time
  • Support Payer Innovation’s internal and external administration, write qualitative/quantitative market research project proposal and reports and collect secondary data/information to support research projects
  • External public promotion, facilitates communication and discussion with internal and external partners to tell the story of how payer innovation programs benefit eligible patients and stakeholders
  • Establishes close organizational relationship with key stakeholders in policy making and real world practice with regard to innovative financing and patient access models to innovative health technologies in public and private settings including but not limited to policy think tanks and academic institutes, and commercial health insurance and financing companies
  • Rationally plan and structure research projects which meet requirements of Payer Innovation strategy and efficiently conduct to fulfill ccess objectives


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