Medical Information Consultant/医药信息顾问

中国, 上海, Shanghai

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Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities 主要职责/责任


  • Propose, review, design and implement hospital promotion plan through the collaboration with line manager and marketing colleagues/规划自己负责医院的推广计划,和直线经理及市场部同事协商达成最终推广方案,并进行实施。

Account & Brand Management:/客户管理和品牌管理:

  • Build strong relationships and credibility with Medical Practitioners, Nurses and Pharmacists to influence the prescription of Roche products/拜访医生及专家,介绍罗氏产品的关键信息,使医生及专家认知并了解罗氏的产品知识。
  • Visit nurse to collect market feedback and build product advocacy/拜访护士,了解产品的使用情况及相关市场信息。

Performance Management​/绩效管理:

  • Align with line manager to set working objective and task./与直线经理达成工作目标的共识,最大化推广业绩。
  • Collect and analyze data information on time based on business requirements/按时按质的完成公司相关数据的收集并进行总结和分析,以提升推广业绩。

Finance Management财务管理:

  • Set up budget plan and execute accordingly based on company policy/按公司规定合理制定预算,并按计划实施完成,确保资源的合理和有效利用。

Team Collaboration​/团队协作:

  • Work closely and collaboratively with other team members/主动地与团队成员进行合作和分享,以整合资源,提升推广效果。


  • Act as a Product and sales expert within the team/成为产品和销售领域的专家
  • Provide counselling and mentoring to junior team members/对团队新成员提供辅导和支持

Qualification and Experience 能力与经验

Years of Working Experience工作年限 :

  • 2-5+ years sales representative experience within pharmaceutical industry/2-5年以上医药行业销售经验


  • University Degree and above/本科及以上学历
  • RDPAC qualification within probation/在试用期内通过RDPAC考试
  • Pass all Roche mandatory training courses before required timeline within probation/在试用期内完成罗氏所有必修课程

Leadership Competencies领导者胜任力

  • Take genuine interest in people / 我对员工付出真正的关怀
  • Listen carefully, tell the truth and explain “the why” /我仔细倾听、坦诚直言并解释“为什么”
  • Empower and trust people to make decisions /我授权并信赖员工作决定
  • Discover and develop the potential in people /我发现并开发员工的潜力
  • Strive for excellence and extraordinary result  /我追求卓越和非凡的业绩
  • Set priorities and simplify work/我设定事务的优先顺序并简化工作
  • Congratulate people for a job well done/我对工作出色的员工表示祝贺

Job Required Competencies岗位所需胜任力

  • Sales Achievement & Business Development业绩达成及业务发展
  • Selling skills销售技巧
  • Product knowledge产品知识
  • Industry & Disease/Therapeutic area knowledge医药行业及疾病/治疗领域的知识
  • Customer management客户管理
  • Teamwork团队合作精神
  • Sales Force Effectiveness and capability development 销售有效性及能力发展