Jointly Addressing the Barriers


Shared responsibility

Finding equitable and sustainable solutions to the global barriers to healthcare can only be achieved through persistent commitment and action by multiple stakeholders. It requires all players –public authorities, non-governmental stakeholders, local communities and the healthcare industry - to work closely together.

Whilst governments have primary responsibility for establishing and maintaining healthcare systems, the healthcare industry plays an important role in improving health. As a global healthcare company, Roche shares a responsibility to tackle the challenges of improving health outcomes.

To succeed, we must jointly develop innovative, sustainable ways to bring effective and affordable healthcare to people and improve health outcomes.

Sustainable solutions, tailored locally

Our products only benefit patients if they can access them. To achieve this, we work in various capacities with many different partners to reduce barriers that prevent people from being diagnosed or treated with our medicines. Our overriding objective is improved health outcomes.

Rather than adopting a single global approach, we pursue sustainable and comprehensive solutions that are tailored to local healthcare needs. These include a range of products and services, taking into account income levels, disease patterns and causes, political commitment to healthcare and healthcare infrastructure.

We seek to maintain a business model that is financially sustainable, balancing the needs of all stakeholders with our commitment to improve access.