Sustainability at Roche: Our impact

137 million patients

treated with Roche medicines

19 billion tests

conducted with Roche Diagnostics products

30 Roche medicines

on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines

Our primary contribution to healthcare is to invent and develop medicines and diagnostics that significantly improve people’s lives. This entails a commitment to working with many different partners to continuously and sustainably reduce the barriers that prevent or impede access to our products.

Engaging with our stakeholders is essential to build trust and understanding of the challenges. By truly embedding our stakeholder engagement into our daily business we are able to jointly develop solutions.

Innovating for patients

We aim to provide a work environment where our employees are encouraged to build their careers and pursue their passions. By providing everyone with the opportunity for career development, we ensure the growth of our single largest investment – our employees – and, in turn, the success of our organisation.


Employee engagement rate

28% of women

in key leadership positions

24% of key leaders

with diverse work experience

Providing a great workplace

Open and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders is crucial to creating sustainable value and growth. It helps us to better understand how to serve patients, their carers and physicians, and to focus our activities on creating value for both the company and society.

41 new partnerships

in Diagnostics in 2017

118 new partnerships

in Pharmaceuticals in 2017

100% of approx. 1,000

business-critical suppliers risk-assessed

Being a trustworthy partner

We have been committed to mitigating environmental impact and climate change for many years, proactively seeking new, more sustainable technologies to achieve this goal. Also, a tradition of philanthropy has existed at Roche for more than a century. The common purpose of our activities is to make a lasting impact by building stronger and healthier communities.

Protecting the environment

11% decrease

in water consumption since 2015

9% decrease

in energy consumption since 2015

20% improvement

in the eco-balance since 2014

Protecting the environment and supporting communities

We aim to continuously create value for our stakeholders and to achieve sustainable, high profitability. We do this in order to maintain our commitment to research, to ensure our growth and independence, to provide employment opportunities, to cover risks, and to pay an attractive return on invested capital.


in Group sales


in core operating profit

9 years in a row

Group leader in Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Delivering continuous growth