Patient Access Programmes in the US

In the US there is no universal public healthcare system and treatment must be paid for. As healthcare can be expensive, most people have health insurance to cover any treatment they need. Many companies provide health insurance for their employees, and there are government insurance programs for people on low incomes. But a significant number of people are still uninsured, either through choice, or because their income is not quite low enough to qualify for a government scheme or because they do not know that insurance is available to them.

As part of our committment to patients, Genentech runs several  programmes in the US that help with access to our products:

  • Genentech Access Solutions
  • Genentech Access to Care Foundation (GATCF)
  • Avastin Patient Assistance Program

Genentech Access Solutions

Helps insured patients navigate the complexities of health insurance coverage by explaining what their policy covers and what they need to pay for, and by helping them find payment support programmes where possible.

In addition, Genentech provides co-pay assistance through donations to a number of independent, non-profit organisations.

Genentech Access to Care Foundation (GATCF)

Provides free medicines to uninsured and underinsured patients who meet certain financial and medical criteria. In addition, GATCF assists financially eligible patients enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan who are prescribed Tarceva® (erlotinib), plus provides free drug to eligible patients who have private insurance and have met or exceeded their lifetime maximum benefits.

Avastin Patient Assistance Program

Provides an opportunity for physicians and eligible patients who are treated for an FDA-approved indication and who reach an annual dosage of 10,000 mg to receive free Avastin from Genentech for the remainder of the 12-month period.  This program is open to all patients receiving Avastin regardless of insurance coverage and is accessible through the Genentech Access Solutions program.