Our governance


Coordinating sustainability activities 

Sustainability is integrated into Roche’s corporate vision, values, operating standards and guidelines. Our approach means that no single department is responsible for managing sustainability. Instead, all employees are encouraged to embed sustainability into their work. 

The Corporate Sustainability Committee (CSC) is responsible for developing the Group’s sustainability strategy and guidelines, and reports on related activities and progress.  It is also responsible for assessing social, environmental and ethical (SEE) risks which are incorporated into the Group Risk Report. The committee’s mission, structure, procedures and relationships to other parts of the organisation are described in the Corporate Sustainability Committee Charter.

The CSC submits regular reports on its activities to the Corporate Executive Committee and the Board of Directors’ Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee. The Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee assists the Board of Directors in matters relating to corporate governance, compliance and in promoting sustainable management of the Company’s activities’.

The CSC is a networked organisation, with representatives from across the organisation contributing cross-divisional, cross-functional expertise in the following groups:

  • Core Team: Comprises representatives from each Corporate Function as well as senior managers delegated by the Heads of the Business Divisions. Responsibilities include strategic review of key issues and gaps, reviewing and endorsing Roche’s sustainability policies, as well as ensuring support for sustainability related activities within each member’s area of responsibility. 
  • Working Group: Comprises specialists from areas relevant to Roche’s sustainability activities, and provides advice and assistance for specific projects. Membership is by invitation by the CSC chairman or by delegation from Group Management or the CSC Core Team. Helps ensure a close link with and increased awareness of sustainability issues through action programs and effective communication. Among its other activities, the group is also responsible for identifying gaps in sustainability and proposing steps to fill those gaps.
  • Expert Groups: These ad-hoc groups explore topics of current or future importance to the Roche Group, with members appointed by Core Team, Working Group or committee the Chairman of the Corporate Sustainability Committee.

The committee also helps to ensure that Roche runs its business in compliance with all applicable national and international laws. And it engages with key groups to ensure that the views and expectations of all stakeholders are considered in our approach to managing sustainability. 

Policies, Guidelines, Positions

Roche has implemented a number of policies, directives, position statements and guidelines that apply Group-wide. Employees at all Roche sites have access to all external and internal documents either electronically (e.g. on the Roche intranet) or as hard copies.

The Roche Corporate Principles – together with the Roche directives, guidelines and regulations – comprise the Roche Code of Conduct.