Our approach


At Roche we are committed to meeting high ethical standards and complying with all applicable local, national and international laws wherever we do business. Ethical behaviour in business is essential to creating and maintaining a healthy and just environment for all. For that reason, we maintain rigorous internal processes to ensure that our employees adhere to the laws, regulations and industry codes of conduct that support good business practices.

Creating value for all our stakeholders

We use innovations in science to drive research and development of medicines and diagnostics that address some of medicine’s most pressing challenges. At the same time, we must also deliver sustainable growth and value for our stakeholders, be they employees, investors, society or patients.

As the world’s biggest biopharmaceuticals company and the leading supplier of in vitro diagnostics, Roche is uniquely positioned to create sustainable value through products and services that save or at least significantly enhance people’s lives by helping to detect, correctly diagnose and appropriately treat disease.

Embedding sustainability in our culture

The three elements of sustainability – society, environmental and economic – are interdependent. We will not be successful in the long term without meeting our environmental and social responsibilities. Equally, we cannot contribute to society and environmental protection without economic success.

At Roche, we seek to deliver sustainable business growth and value by:

  • managing our business responsibly, with high levels of corporate governance
  • creating high-quality, rewarding employment
  • ensuring access to our products for those who need them
  • valuing our employees and protecting their safety
  • reducing the environmental impacts of our products and operations
  • supporting community-based projects and encouraging innovation in science and the arts

Since its formation in 1896, Roche has developed a deep understanding of the business case for investing in sustainable policies and practices. more

Fulfilling our commitments

We subscribe to the following definition of sustainable development, as contained in the World Commission on Environment and Development report, Our Common Future:

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

All of us at Roche are expected to live Roche’s commitment to sustainability in our daily business activities and to benchmark our achievements against the industry and best practice.

Many of our initiatives are voluntary and go beyond regulatory requirements and standards. Internally, the Roche Code of Conduct sets out our principles of sustainable development. The Roche Corporate Sustainability Committee is responsible for ensuring that we fulfil our commitments to sustainability and helping instil sustainability into our daily business. more

Integrity in Business and responsible marketing

Roche takes its obligation seriously to meet the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. Meeting those standards is the responsibility of all our employees. more

Our Code of Conduct

Our ethical standards and commitments are embodied in our Corporate Values – integrity, courage and passion. Our Code of Conduct guides Roche employees on acting with integrity at all times. Employees complete mandatory training to ensure they understand the code, including how to voice their compliance concerns over business practices or behaviour. more

Our Performance Management Principles ensure that employee compensation considers not only the results they achieve, but also how they achieve them. In particular, the principles consider whether an employee’s performance reflects the Roche Values. 

Risk Management

Identifying, analysing and responding appropriately to business risks and opportunities is vital to attaining Roche’s business objectives, protecting the interests of stakeholders and meeting legal requirements. more