Compliance Expectations

Highlighting our key expectations

It is the responsibility of each business partner to be familiar and comply not only with the applicable laws, regulations and industry codes, but also with Roche’s principles, expectations and concrete contractual terms. Besides the regular trainings and material the Business Partner receives during his interaction with Roche, we provide a template presentation, which focuses on following topics:

  • Roche Values and Principles
  • Key Expectations of Business Partners
  • Seek Help & Advice
  • Report in good faith a potential non-compliant Behaviour
  • Consequences of non-compliant Behaviour

Download the presentation with our key expectations

Please note, that this presentation is just a general overview, the specific and detailed expectations are based on the concrete business relationship.

Due diligence of Roche business partners

It is important for Roche to get assurance about the integrity, quality, suitability and credibility of our business partners before and during a business engagement. We do this by conducting a risk based due diligence on our business partners. This risk based approach allows Roche to make an assessment on the impact on human rights, amongst many other areas.

Download the presentation that explains our due diligence approach.

good compliance is good business