Funding is needed for investment in healthcare and reimbursement of medicines and tests, in order that patients can be protected from financial burden.

In order to be able to deliver benefits to people, our products must be within reach of those who need them.

We appreciate that healthcare systems are facing budgetary constraints that could restrict use of new therapies. We also recognise that the value of our products can vary across different geographies, along with the ability of healthcare systems and individuals to pay for them.

What causes a lack of funding?

The reasons for a lack of available funding can be very different, and very complicated, across different countries. Relevant factors in each country include governmental decision-making and the distribution of funds to healthcare, the overall wealth (and health) of the nation and the stability of its economy, the existence of a national health system and how it is set up, including any local Health Technology Assessment organisations, the level of personal health insurance in the country and the average income and available means of its citizens.

Of course, there are many countries, or regions within countries, where funding levels for several or all of these elements are inadequate.

What are we doing?

In order to protect people from financial burden, funding is needed for investment in healthcare and the reimbursement of medicines and diagnostic tests.

We have developed a number of pricing solutions, such as working with private insurance companies to create private funding solutions in countries where public coverage is inadequate, and solutions that mean pricing can be set according to the value the medicine brings in different indications.

We are very open to discussing new approaches to price our medicines. While some of these approaches are quite complex, and require governments, insurers and industry to work closely together, such tailored agreements are becoming more commonplace, and we are seeing access to medicines improve as a result.


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