Double Take Show at New York Fashion Week

<em>SMA My Way</em>, the community-focused initiative created by people living with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and supported by Roche, highlights the experiences of life with SMA. Local communities are being formed globally with shared experience hubs available in the United States (US), Canada and India.

A number of US SMA My Way Champions recently took part in the first-of-its-kind fashion show, which aimed to increase disability visibility, break down stereotypes and champion adaptive fashion. SMA community members led the programme from beginning to end - conceptualising the message, collaborating with design fellows at Open Style Lab (OSL) on garment adaptations, and modelling the clothes on the catwalk as a prelude to New York Fashion Week.

Through this show, the SMA community invited the world to do a Double Take, not because of their disabilities but because of their style and individuality, challenging the stereotype that people with disabilities want to blend in or erase their differences. The show was sponsored by Genentech, a member of the Roche Group.

This unique fashion show was covered in Vogue , Forbes and Insider , and named ELLE ’s second best moment of New York Fashion Week.

Visit the SMA My Way website to learn more about those involved.

“One in four individuals in the US have some sort of disability, but we seldom see any efforts from the industry to cater to these communities. The point of Double Take is to not only showcase functional, adaptive clothing, but also to ensure that they are stylish.”
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