Inflammatory bowel diseases
Uncovering the full picture of inflammatory bowel diseases, one piece at a time.


Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) comprise a group of long-term conditions, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

IBD can vary a lot from person to person and there are still many unknowns – scientists don’t yet have all the puzzle pieces in place to see the full picture of exactly what drives the disease in each individual and why some people respond to treatments and others don’t.

Better understanding the intricacies of IBD is key to ultimately developing treatments that target the underlying causes of this disease.

The unknowns in IBD


We are focused on offering a more personalised approach to IBD care. The good news is that IBD is currently the focus of some exciting research, and new puzzle pieces are added to the jigsaw all the time, helping the overall picture to become clearer.

IBD is an emerging area of focus and research for Roche. And as a disease that varies from person to person, we believe that personalised healthcare will play a role in future breakthroughs. As a pioneer of personalised healthcare in other areas, we are hopeful that we can contribute to the research and development of new therapies in IBD.

Our aim is to help put together pieces of the puzzle by asking the right questions, using advanced technologies to cut through the complexity of the condition, and sharing the stories that matter.

Offering a personalised approach to IBD

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