Roche Commissions


Roche Commissions is a unique and pioneering collaboration between Roche, Lucerne Festival, and the Lucerne Festival Academy. Since 2003, Roche has worked with these partners to award regular commissions for new orchestral works to some of the world’s most talented contemporary composers. Roche Commissions provides a natural continuation of Roche’s long-term commitment to supporting arts and culture, and to stimulating innovation.

To date, eight composers have been awarded a Roche Commission, with their compositions being premiered at LUCERNE FESTIVAL in summer: Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Chen Yi, Hanspeter Kyburz, George Benjamin, Toshio Hosokawa, Matthias Pintscher, Unsuk Chin and Olga Neuwirth. In the summer of 2018 the new Roche commissioned work by the Hungarian-born composer Peter Eötvös will be given its premiere by the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra.

In an extended partnership with LUCERNE FESTIVAL and the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, Roche has launched Roche Young Commissions in 2013. In this biannual series, two young composers are commissioned to compose orchestral works. Working closely with two young conductors and under the guidance of Pierre Boulez, Artistic Director and co-founder of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, the Roche Young Commissions awardees are given two years to complete their compositions, which will then be premiered at LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer, commencing in 2015.

By working together, Roche and LUCERNE FESTIVAL contribute to creating something new and innovative. Roche Commissions offers artists in contemporary music the challenge and opportunity to forge new possibilities in their specific field. The outstanding works of music produced by Roche’s commissioned composers are an enduring expression and manifestation of Roche’s commitment to innovation.

Roche Commissions Composition World premiere
Sir Harrison Birtwistle, UK Night’s Black Bird 21 August 2004, Lucerne
Chen Yi, China Si Ji (Four Seasons) 26 August 2005, Lucerne
Hanspeter Kyburz, Switzerland touché 2 September 2006, Lucerne
George Benjamin, UK "DUET" 30 August 2008, Lucerne
Toshio Hosokawa, Japan Woven Dreams 28 August 2010, Lucerne
Matthias Pintscher, Germany Chute d’Étoiles 25 August 2012, Lucerne
Unsuk Chin, South Korea le silence des sirènes 23 August 2014, Lucerne
Olga Neuwirth Trurliade-Zone Zero 27 August 2016, Lucerne
Peter Eötvös ----- Summer 2018, Lucerne
Roche Young Commissions Composition World premiere
Samy Moussa Crimson 23 August 2015, Lucerne
Piotr Peszat Pensées Étranglées 23 August 2015, Lucerne
Lisa Streich ----- Summer 2017, Lucerne
Matthew Kaner ----- Summer 2017, Lucerne