Step 3

Developing new treatments

Progress needs research and animal studies.

We want to develop new treatments and test the efficacy of new compounds. We want to cure serious illnesses or at least relieve symptoms. We want to save lives.

To achieve these goals, even in the 21st century, medical research needs animal studies. After all, many investigations can only be performed in the living organism.

For example, it is often only animal studies that reveal the dangerous side effects of experimental drugs that would otherwise be hard to recognise. In other words, animal studies serve as a safety insurance for patients.

Roche deals responsibly with every living creature entrusted to it. Only promising drug candidates are tested in animals at all.

As well as national and international guidelines, Roche has imposed high voluntary standards on itself, its employees and contract research companies. Also wherever possible, animal studies are replaced by alternative methods, which Roche is constantly refining.

Watch video how tests in cell cultures aim to reduce animal testing.