The Roche pRED Innovation Centres

The Roche pRED Innovation Centers

Global reach and diversity transforming science into medicine

Roche pRED is one of our three independently run early R&D units. We have approximately 2200 highly talented and dedicated scientists located at seven Roche Innovation Centers around the world. We pride ourselves on our passion for patients and pushing scientific boundaries. Everyday we transform science into medicine to bring life-changing benefits to patients around the world.

Roche Innovation Center Basel

Basel is the headquarters of Roche, it has been here for 125 years, and for all that time it has been the center of our R&D activities. We currently have nearly half our pRED employees based in Basel, and we are committed to stay here as we build our new Innovation Center which will be finished in 2023.

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Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen

Our site in Copenhagen is focused on pRED’s RNA molecule research, leading chemistry for targeting any type of transcribed RNA using short synthetic single-strand oligonucleotides. Using our core technology platform of locked nucleic acids (LNA) and antisense oligonucleotides (ASO).

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Roche Innovation Center Munich

Our site in Penzberg, is one of the largest biotech centers in Europe, with more than 5600 scientists and specialists working for the Roche Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics divisions, in research, development and production of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents and systems. Here pRED focuses on large molecule research, informatics and oncology.

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Roche Innovation Center New York

Our Roche Translational & Clinical Research Center (TCRC) on the East Coast of the US with our experts in clinical operations and informatics, serves as the hub for pRED activities in North America. Focusing on early clinical development and accessing external innovation for collaborations from early discovery platforms through advanced stage molecules.

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Roche Innovation Center Shanghai

Our site in Shanghai, colocated with Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Ltd, focuses on R&D in Hepatitis B Virus, antibiotics, immunology and inflammation. Our site also serves as a bridge to collaborations and partnerships with China’s government, industry and academia.

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Roche Innovation Center Welwyn

Our site in Welwyn is home to over 1,500 people working across a range of functions, including Roche Pharmaceuticals Product Development and Technical Operations. Our dedicated pRED teams, mainly comprising Clinical Operations and Clinical Pharmacology, manage early development and clinical trials across all pRED therapeutic areas.

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Roche Innovation Center Zurich

Our site in Schlieren is a state-of-the-art research complex boasting a multinational team of some 140 employees – 95% of whom are research scientists – with a dynamic, thriving biotech culture. It comprises research teams in diverse fields as diverse as molecular biology, cell and protein engineering, process biochemistry, cell biological assays, histology, preclinical pharmacology and tumor immunology.

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