In Vivo Models


In Vivo Models are a key component of the drug discovery value chain. Testing in living organisms is still the only way to fully evaluate the efficacy, pharmacology, pharmacokinetic and safety of a potential drug candidate before starting clinical studies in humans. Moreover, highly normed studies in living organisms are explicitly required by regulatory authorities all across the world to guarantee that no safety concerns exist for the healthy volunteers or the patients involved in the testing of a new therapeutic agent. At Roche, we strive to minimize the use of animal studies and gain the most and most relevant information from any study we conduct or any model we develop. We also strive to achieve the highest standards of animal welfare and to switch to non-invasive studies or substitute in vivo with in silico, in vitro or alternative models on simpler organisms whenever possible. The zebrafish is an in vivo model which is currently being evaluated at Roche to study the effects of compounds on liver toxicity.

Drawn to Science: Zebrafish - a new model for drug discovery

Tags: Translational Technologies