Antibodies Fusion Proteins


Antibody Fusion Proteins are constructs that combine an antibody targeted to a specific antigen, typically a tumor-related antigen, with a protein that is able to amplify the immune response or induce direct damage to the cancer cell. Cytolitic fusion proteins increase the potency of antibodies to eliminate cancer cells, by attaching them to a toxin. These so called “immunotoxins” derive their potency from the toxin and their specificity from the antibody or antibody fragment to which they are attached. At Roche, we collaborate with external partners to combine our tumor-targeting antibodies with engineered toxins to precisely destroy cancers while sparing local tissue. Targeted cytokines, also called “immunocytokines” are generated by combining a tumor-targeting antibody with a cytokine: a different kind of signaling protein that mediates immune response.  This increases the local activation of the immune system in the microenvironment of the tumor and supports elimination of the cancerous cells by the body’s own immune defenses. Roche has generated a new type of  immunocytokines that overcome the issues of toxicity, liability and modest efficacy that hindered this approach so far.

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