Oncologists talk about the power of combination, which means incorporating different therapies to achieve the best results.

Finding the right combination of immuno-, chemo- and targeted therapies for each patient is the essence of personalised healthcare. It is by treating the individual with this precision and a deep understanding of tumour biology that is the future of cancer care.

In bringing together 32,000 oncology professionals from around the world, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting embodies the power of combination. This year, physicians, scientists and patient advocacy groups will gather at one of the world’s largest oncology congresses to share scientific data, exchange success stories and deliver discoveries to a global audience.

Helping us help the patient

Transforming the patient journeys of tomorrow requires ongoing sharing of knowledge and discussion. Especially since the scientific community has in recent years amassed more oncology data than ever before.

We are looking forward to an unprecedented number of data readouts from our pipeline over the next months, which will hopefully provide hugely important insights into the biology and immunology of cancer.
Cindy Perettie, Head of Global Product Strategy Oncology, Roche Pharmaceuticals

How will all this information help fight cancer? We can only make sense of the vast and ever-growing amount of data if we work together. In order to begin expanding the reach of precision medicine—the theme of this year’s ASCO meeting—healthcare professionals need to figure out how to manage data more effectively.

To drive change, we must first listen to patients’ needs, partner with other innovators, fuse pharmaceutical with diagnostics research, and use an inventive, holistic approach to oncology care.

Check out the articles below. Each describes one of the many ways that we are moving forward and pushing innovation to define the personalised patient journeys of tomorrow.

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