Over 30,000 cancer medicine professionals will gather in Chicago between 2-6 June 2017 for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, where the latest and greatest advances in the management of cancer will be presented and discussed.

This year’s theme is “Making a Difference in Cancer Care With You.” At Roche, we rely on a large and diverse partner network to support development, manufacturing and delivery of our medicines and diagnostics worldwide. This complex, highly regulated system spans six continents, over 80 countries and many different cultures.

“We are making significant advances with personalised medicines and cancer immunotherapies,” says Sandra Horning, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Global Product Development. “With continued research and collaborations, we are striving to develop medicines and combinations, incorporate sophisticated diagnostics and integrate big data in our effort to get closer to the goal of curing cancer.”

We will again be present at the congress and we look forward to being a part of the scientific exchange. This year, a total of 20 of our investigational or approved medicines will be featured at the meeting from over 190 abstracts.

We have developed articles, stories, videos and infographics to explain how we are working on making the future of cancer care a reality:

The future of patient-centred cancer care and research

Meet Linda, a cancer patient from the not-too-distant future, and see how her experience could be quite different from today.

Linking T-cells and cancer cells

When the body’s own immune system fails, T-cell bispecific antibodies help T-cells spring back into action and attack cancer cells.

The importance of external innovation in cancer research

Roche Partnering is bringing together the best and brightest scientists and companies from around the world to develop next-generation oncology medicines.

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