Melanoma Heroes


Melanoma Heroes are normal people living normal lives, but they are also heroes because they support those who have melanoma and take steps to prevent the disease, support their loved ones or lead the way to a cure.

This Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we are championing the little things people can do to support someone with melanoma. Anyone can ‘Be a Hero’ by taking action against this aggressive, life threatening disease, encouraging prevention and positive behaviour throughout the year.

Melanoma currently kills around 55,000 people worldwide each year,1 and the incidence in most developed countries has risen faster than any other cancer type since the mid-1950s.2 It continues to rise at a rate of around 2% each year yet 90% of cases are preventable.2

The good news is that there are steps we can all take to reduce the burden and be Melanoma Heroes.

Beyond the caregivers

From the everyday heroes applying sunscreen before playing a game of football, to the caregivers and patients who provide hope, strength and a shoulder to lean on, and also the researchers, physicians and advocates who find solutions to extend and save lives – we can all play a tremendous role in the fight against melanoma.

Be a hero. Use the hashtag #MelanomaHeroes and tell us what you are doing to be a hero. Remind everyone that it is these actions, big or small, that can make all the difference to patients. 

In our search for Melanoma Heroes, we have spoken with clinicians, researchers and people living with melanoma around the world who inspire us all to ensure that melanoma has no long-term future in our world. Read more about our Melanoma Heroes below or watch a video recognising them. 

Meet our #MelanomaHeroes


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